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Onboard Flavors

Onboard we serve carefully selected, typical local wines from the northen region of Etna. The land in this region is rich with minerals which give the wine a very special and full-bodied taste.

High quality, full of minerality, freshness and richness wines are what you will taste on our boat!

We complement our wine with delicious local cuisine that makes for the perfect match!

Everything that we serve onboard comes from local producers. Fruit form the local market, fish and seafood from Pescheria - the famous Catania fish market, meat from our well known butcher, cheese and cured meat from the farms or local sellers who we trust and love!

Most of them are organic, grown with responsibility and produced right here in Catania.

We serve three different wines onboard:

✔ Red wine Nero D’avola - strong body with a good balance of sweet tannini and subtle tones of ripe dark fruits.
✔ White wine Chardonnay - a blend of fruits and aromas with tones of peach and pear.
✔ Rosé wine - earthly crisp freshness but soft with tone of strawberries and raspberries.
If you go on Oysters & Prosecco Tour with us, you will taste the finest oysters, harvested the morning of the trip and opened onboard, coupled with Italian DOC Prosecco wine. The DOC marking stands for quality as the government controls origins and production requirements of the wine.

On barbecue tours we will grill very typical Sicilian meat:
✔ Involtini con pistacchio e philadelphia - meat rolls to die for!
✔ Salsiccia - tasty sausage that is famous in the region!
✔ Polpette di carne di cavallo - Catanian meatballs made of horse meat - interesting but in a very good way!
On fish barbecue we will grill fish and seafood caught that morning! Meaning that the variety changes with each tour depending on what was caught that day but the fish will always be fresh and sublime!
In Sicilian Antipasti tour you will taste the typical delicious appetizers that Sicilians eat during Aperitivo, an occasion when they meet their friends for a drink and a table full of tasty treats. Cured meat, local cheese, sweets, fruits, and depending on the day - some tavola calda - a typical sour pastry made fresh in a local bakery next to our port!

Spritz being the most popular summer cocktail here, we will mix it during Spritz & Sunset tour with a great Prosecco wine, Aperol and Ice! Appetizers next to the glass full of sparkling flavors will come as it is usual here. Small bites, good drink, let's jump into the sea and - repeat!