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Sweet Words

One of the most beautiful thing of what we do is PEOPLE❤️

We are so so lucky to meet so many nice and interesting people from all over the world!☀️Everyday after we say Bye to our guests, we stay to clean the boat and then we talk how was the day.

And every time it is the same - we look into each other with those big eyes FULL OF HAPPINESS and we say - WOW!!!! WHAT A NICE PEOPLE!!!What a day....We are so blessed and so honestly happy.

We want to say a big Thank You to everybody who already was with us onboard and Thank You to all who will come to enjoy this beauty together. Probably it is true that You Get What You Give. And our Love for People and for the Sea and for Sicily is endless.


We had an amazing time on this boat tour! The crew is very easy going and funny, and we had a great time talking and swimming with them. They had an amazing food spread on board with delicious wine. If I go back to Sicily, I want to do the experience all over again 🙂 Highly highly recommend!


Great boat tour 😎 Full of food, wine and happiness 👍 Really recommend

Silvio Manno

Vento di passione has been by far the best boat tour I’ve been on. They were very professional and went above and beyond to make our trip relaxing and fun. The food and drinks blew us away! I’d highly recommend any of their tours to any and everyone!

***Review round 2: My first trip with Vento di Passione was so amazing that I had to come back for the VIP tour. My friend had just arrived and I knew that this was the best way to experience all of Sicily in one day. The food, the sea, the scenery, the people – it all blew us away! Radvile and Menno killed it again and gave us an unbelievable experience. Whether you live here, are visiting for a while, or just have a few hours, this trip will show you the best of Sicily!

Matt Wilson

Great tour of the sunny Sicilian seas with not only great wine and food on board but also amazing Vento di passione captains! Would highly recommend getting on board! 🙂

Anna-may Jones

Boat tour was amazing! The food is delicious and the wine selection is even better. Radvile and Menno were so friendly and made sure everything was perfect! A must do trip if you are in the Aci Castello – Aci Trezza areas. 5⭐️

Jake Nguyen

Great hosts who put you in your element, all you have to do is sit and take it all in, they arrive with the perfect mix of music, relaxation, fun and great food, you can even play your own if you want (like me badly on the guitar!), everything goes, bravi….if you like the being on the water, one of the most beautiful views in the world and great Sicilian food and wine, with no limitations, you can’t go wrong…………even when the weather holds off these guys will keep you happy, your stomach full of delightful antipasti and seafood and dancing even with sea legs…..don’t forget to get wet…..also, make that the capitani join you in the water, they’re a little bit scared of it being from the north……guys, you make me love Sicily….viva la Siclia e il Vento di Passione….no doubt, I’ll be seeing you again soon 😀 😀 😀 😀 😍😍😍😍

‎Gonzalo O Bheacháin‎

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