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Come adventure with us!

We are Menno and Radvile - two energetic souls who have fallen in love with Sicily and now want to share all its beauty and goods with you. We love people, the sea, this island, food, wine and life.

On our boat not only will you experience the thrill of an unforgettable sea excursion with breathtaking views along the way but you will also get to taste the best flavors that Sicily has to offer.

Our Tours

We organize unique boat tours which you won't find anywhere else!
With us on the coast of Aci Trezza You will:

♡ See postcard-worth scenery

♡ Swim in turquoise waters

♡ Savor carefully selected, typical local wines

♡ Taste delicious local food

♡ Take stunning photos!

♡ Relax with beautiful music

♡ Depending on the occasion, you may encounter live music onboard!

Because if there’s one thing we know, it is how to create memories that will last a lifetime!
Come and experience it onboard!

Choose your unforgettable adventure on Ionian sea:

Local Wine Tasting & Sicilian Appetizers Onboard

If You Want To:

– Be delighted by the beauty of Sicilian coast from the unique perspective of the sea!
– Swim in the crystal clear waters!
– Taste the best wines of Sicily!
– Eat delicious Sicilian appetizers!
– Snap pictures that will set your Instagram alight!
– Experience a real Sicilian summer in one day!

from 59€ per person
2.5 hours on-board

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Oysters & Prosecco Tasting Tour

If You Want To:

– Taste the finest fresh oysters opened while onboard!
– Savor fabulous Italian Prosecco DOC wine!
– Be impressed by the scenery of the charming Aci Trezza coast and the legendary Cyclope islands!
– Jump into turquoise waters!
– Collect memories of a lifetime and fall in love with our beautiful Sicily!

from 69€ per person
2.5 hours on-board

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If You Want To:

– Bring Your Own Beer and have fun on the sea!
– Explore a beautiful coast of Aci Trezza!
– Swim and snorkel in turquoise waters!
– Taste typical delicious Sicilian appetizers!
– Relax  and fill yourself up with good vibes!

from 39€ per person
2.5 hours on-board

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Explore The Coast & Have Fun On The Sea

If You Want To:

– Discover the hidden beauty of Sicily from unique perspective of the sea!
– Immerse yourself in the turquoise waters to cool off!
– Try to take in all the unforgettable views!
– Refresh with delicious local wine!
– Fill yourself up with good vibes and memories for a lifetime!

from 39€ per person
2.5 hours on-board

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Private VIP Tour

If  You Want To:

– Experience everything in one day!
– Taste all the best Sicilian flavors on the sea!
– Have delicious breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks onboard!
– Drift around a beautiful coast!
– Swim in a postcard-worth scenery!
– Relax with the sounds of a beautiful music or the Big Blue!
– Collect memories of a lifetime and fill yourself up with good vibes!
– And have the greatest Sicilian day!

from 319€
6 hours on-board

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Your Private Tour / Party Onboard

If  You Want To:

– Have your own private party or excursion on the boat!
– Enjoy tasty Sicilian food and drinks onboard!
– Refresh yourselves in turquoise waters!
– Swim in a postcard-worth scenery!
– Drift around the shore of charming Sicilian villages, Cyclope islands, rocky cliffs and Etna in the background!
– Have an unforgettable day and collect of a lifetime!

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− Your Captains −

We come from the north of Europe, Menno, a worldly and cultured spirit from Holland and Radvile, cheerful adventurer from Lithuania. We both come from the families where Boating is a very special and important thing and we grew up spending our summers onboard.

We are 2 energetic souls who have fallen in love with Sicily and now want to share all its beauty and delicacies with you.

Worldly And Cultured Dutch Spirit

3 years ago, Menno wandered down here in his fireman’s truck while on a travelling adventure around Europe for one year. It was then that he met Irene, a wonderful Sicilian woman, and his life was changed forever.

Menno, 42 years young, whose vast experience includes working in Amsterdam’s classiest restaurants which eventually led him to run his own. Thus, he is a fine wine and food connoisseur. One day Sicily seduced his calm Dutch exterior and he sold his beloved restaurant to move here for good.

He knows everything about good wine and great food! And his dream is to bring the best Sicilian produce to you on our cherished boat.


The Sea Is My Soul

Having lived all my life is the breezy north myself, I have always harbored the dream of living on the sunny shores of Sicily surrounded by shady palm trees and blossoming flowers. One day Catania had cast a spell on me! Since stepping onto this island it has became Casa Mia. There is no looking back.

I have only 28 years but life experience has shaped me into a responsible person. For 10 years, I ran my own business, which gave me great experience at expertise in making my clients happy. I am a southern spirit at heart – warm and welcoming, happy and free and the sea is in my soul.

I’m crazy in love with food and especially with local produce which our beloved Mamma Etna yields 5-6 times a year! A close second in my favorites after the sea comes Catania’s local food market. Daily I will bring its best onboard to you!:)

Join us and taste the best flavors Sicily has to offer on the sea!


The magical wind of life has brought us here to where we found our passion once again,
That’s why we call our boat
The Wind Of Passion
{Vento Di Passione}

Let’s meet onboard!
Sincerely and with much Love,
Menno and Radvile

Enjoy The Best
Flavors Of Sicily

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